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XBRL Filing Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use DataTracks services for XBRL FILING?

First you need to set up a Subscriber account. The subscriber is responsible for placing orders and making payments. A subscriber is often a Company, or a firm of Chartered Accountants, Cost & Works Accountants or Company Secretaries.

Next you need to set up one or more user accounts. Users are employees of Subscriber who need to operate the account on a day to day basis. If the Susbcriber is an individual, the Subscriber can set up just one User account.

Next you need to set up Entities. Entities are Companies that need to file in XBRL format with Regulators such as MCA.

Next you need to associate Users with Entities. This ensures users (employees of Subscriber) are able to access the records of the Companies they are permitted to access. If there is only one user, that user can access all the entities created by the Subscriber.

Next you need to set up a job “to convert the financial statement of an entity into XBRL format”. You need to choose Full service.

Then you are all set to use the portal to generate the XBRL document.

See "x" for the main differences. The processes applicable to the three services vary as below:

Process Full service
Sign up x
Add entities x
Pay online x
Add user accounts x
Assign users to entities x
Fill up  
Upload inputs x
Confirm inputs x
Extract output x
File with MCA x

How do I register for DataTracks service?

You need to Sign Up with DataTracks accessible by a password to be set by you. You will have to fill in some preliminary information about yourself to be registered with DataTracks.

How do I pay for DataTracks services?

You can pay using a credit card and debit card.

Why was my credit card declined? Can I give you my credit card number over the phone?

There are several reasons why your credit card may be rejected. May sure you have entered the correct credit card information. Also make sure that you did not use a debit card by accident. Sometimes a valid card is rejected for high risk or suspected charge. If rejected, you will either need to try another card, select a different payment option, or call your credit card company.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but DataTracks does not accept payments over the phone.