MCA Filings

XBRL Template

Our standard template is ready to use.

With our standard template, you manually enter your financial data in the given format and extract to XBRL.

Our templates work for simpler financial statements with standard notes on accounts.

To use our standard template, you will need to:

  1. Sign up
  2. Set up an entity. Set up a job (to capture the information the Regulator needs).
  3. Fill up the template for the Entity.
  4. Extract the XBRL document
  5. File with MCA

You can extract the output in PDF format as well for easy reading. You can save your input to come back and edit if you want. You can prevent saving your input so that we do not have any record of your confidential data.

Our template is capable of accommodating the financial statements of most small private enterprises in India. Our template is easy to use and no training is required.

You can switch over to a higher value service at any time by pressing a button

(Our lawyers would like us to add that we are responsible only for the quality of our web based software and not for your tagging decisions when you use our standard template).