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Service Offerings

Convert your financial statements into XBRL format in any one of the three ways:

  1. Use our standard template.
    Sign up. Fill up. Extract the XBRL output. Free. No cost. Suitable for small enterprises
  2. Use our “assisted self-service”.
    Sign up. Upload input. Use our web based tagging tool to tag and prepare the XBRL instance document. Extract the XBRL output. Low cost. You have full control. Some training is necessary. Suitable for midsize enterprises and accounting/secretarial practices.
  3. Use our “full service”.
    Sign up. Upload input. Leave everything to us. When we complete the job, extract the XBRL output. Use our reliable expertise at competitive cost. You still have substantial control over the tagging decisions without being involved in the tagging process. Suitable for large enterprises and larger accounting/secretarial practices